Mowles Medical Practice Management is committed to excellence. Here are just some of the testimonials provided by satisfied clients. Note: If you would like to speak with any of our clients about their experience working with Mowles Medical Practice Management, please contact us.

"Amy Mowles provided our center with the resources necessary to properly start up, operate and gain accreditation at our Office Based Endovascular Suite. She always made herself available and she was quick to respond to our inquiries. With her help we achieved AAAHC Accreditation within our first year. She is still a trusted resource for us to properly maintain our Endovascular Center and to prepare for reaccreditation. She is very knowledgeable of state and federal expectations which assisted us in the development of our policies and procedures and daily practice. We highly recommend Amy’s services to anyone starting an Office Based Endovascular Suite and/or applying for AAAHC accreditation. "

– Ahmad Abu-Ghaida, MD, FACS, White Square Vascular Surgery
"You don’t realize the investment you’ve been missing until Amy! We are an established ASC that needed assistance updating contracts. For one person this was a tremendous amount of work in addition to my other duties. Amy helped expedite the process by accomplishing six updates within nine months. She was organized and always on top of reaching out to our insurance carriers if they did not reply to us in a timely manner. Amy was always there to answer my questions. It’s extremely important having someone on your side to guide, encourage, and support these crucial decisions. I learned along the way but would not recommend trying to accomplish this beast on your own. I look forward to using Amy again in the future!"

- Cambria Krovic, Controller, Ophthalmology Surgical Center, Inc.
"We have been in ancillary medical services for the medical field in our market for nearly 20 years, and have provided interventional pain management services for many years in non-state certified facilities. Due to changing strategies in reimbursement by payors, it became apparent we would have to “Migrate, Mutate, Adapt or Die.” The whole process of conceiving, documenting, designing, developing and certifying a state-certified, AAAHC Medicare approved ASC was, without previous experience, overwhelming ... until we were introduced to Ms. Amy Mowles of Mowles Medical Practice Management. She was a “God Send” because she walked us through it like it was “second nature.” How happy are we with her services??? Bottom line: We have been open nine months and have made six figure distributions to our physicians the past five months. Now that’s what I call that a great investment in talent. What’s in your wallet?"

- Gail Mayfield, President-CEO, Eclipse Medical Imaging
“As an entrepreneur it was a pleasure to work with someone as professional as Amy Mowles. She knew exactly what it would take to get our Surgery Center state licensed, Medicare certified and AAAHC accredited. As a bottom line person, her fee for the services she provided was, in the end, a bargain.”

– William M. Bungeroth, CEO; Delaware Valley Orthopedic and Spine Surgicenter
“Amy is the best. Working with Amy was a wise investment in the future. She was instrumental in bringing the ASC to fruition.”

– Jeffrey S. Grossman, M.D.; Peachtree Spine and Pain Physicians, Inc.
“Amy, thanks for a consulting job well done. I am excited to get the ASC up to speed. I will certainly recommend you highly to anyone interested in your services.”

– Chris Gussner, M.D.; Idaho Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
“Amy gave us the courage, wisdom and guidance to move forward with our ASC project. We could not have done it without her… and it was well worth it!”

– PK Suchdev, M.D.
“Thank you. Without your help all of this would have been impossible.”

– Jared Leger, RN, Director of Nursing; Stonegate Surgery Center
“It was a pleasure to work with Amy. We started our project in April and were open the first of August. We were state inspected and approved by the end of August. We could never have done this so quickly without the help of Amy. Her resources are unbelievable. I highly recommend MMPM to any medical practice. She is a wonderful person to work with.”

– Tracy L. Odom; Pain Treatment Center
“Amy made the process of developing our center and achieving accreditation painless. She has vast experience and knows how to avoid all the pitfalls that could easily have kept us from reaching our goals. She is highly responsive to her clients’ needs and makes herself available to answer questions or just reassure. I highly recommend Amy and her team.”

– Elliot Sterenfeld; The Center For Spine Care
“Amy was very flexible and able to meet any challenge that came our way during the process of getting our Ambulatory Surgery Center up and running. She continues to be an invaluable resource even after we achieved accreditation.”

– Suzann Simmons, RN, BS, MS, Director of Nursing; Coastal Pain Care Center, LLC
“We’ve just finished working with Amy as we conceived, built, and have started running our endoscopic ASC in Southeastern PA. She made the whole process much smoother than we know it would have been otherwise, and kept us on track with documentation during this complicated process. Most importantly, she handled all our contracting with insurers, and let us concentrate on our practice. She is incredibly knowledgeable in this field and a pleasure to work with! We recommend her enthusiastically.”

– David Neiblum, MD; West Chester Endoscopy, LLC
"Amy Mowles came highly recommended by several individuals in the ASC community. She was regarded as the best consultant to ensure that our new surgery center navigated the maze of state and federal rules and regulations during construction, became licensed, certified and accredited, and negotiate the best possible contracts with third party payors. We had high expectations; Ms. Mowles exceeded them in every way." To read this complete testimonial, click here.

– Alana Booth, Administrator, Joe Browder, MD, and James Choo, MD; PCET Surgery Center
“The experience of developing and building an ASC is time consuming and at times exasperating. Thanks to Amy and Bill we have an ASC that has passed life safety surveys, Department of Health surveys, AAAHC accreditation surveys and is productive and functional. Without Mowles Medical Practice Management and WEL Designs, the project most likely would not have been attempted.”

– Vivian Wisniewski, R.N.; Harrisburg Interventional Pain Management Center
“During the long process of construction, state licensure and certification, Ms. Mowles has been the consummate professional. Navigating the maize of paperwork and applications is a long and daunting process to say the least.. As our consultant, she has given us a very stong foundation that has enabled our institution to go forward in a positive manner. The addage that no question was stupid was put to the test repeatedly in our journey! There may be many consultants in this business, but we hit the jackpot with Ms. Mowles!”

– Kathryn Kelleher, RN, Administrator; Hyde Park Pain Management
“Amy Mowles was an integral part of the development and success of Eastwind Surgical (Pain/Neurosurgical ASC, Columbus, OH). Her expertise and advocacy helped us achieve State of Ohio, AAAHC, and Medicare certification more quickly than expected. Her business style is responsive, direct, and confident. These are great qualities of a project leader working on your behalf. As a first-time administrator, Amy really helped explain the start-up process in a way that I could understand and initiate under her supervision. I would recommend Amy without reservation.”

– Lynn S. Feldman, RN, MBA, Administrator; Eastwind Surgical
“We hired Mowles Medical to tackle the daunting task of re-negotiating physician fees for our office based procedures. In particular, we asked her to help us educate our major payers on what we do and how we save them money by keeping some of our procedures in the office setting. While this was quite an undertaking, Amy was able to persevere and get most of the payers to agree to rate hikes in our physician fee schedules to help cover our overhead and incidentals—the bottom line is, Amy has helped put more money in our pockets! Hats off to Amy and her staff, they are true professionals.”

– Douglas Wisor, M.D.; The Center for Physical Medicine & Pain Management Northern Virginia
"I was a first time administrator, developing a start-up physician owned surgery center in Pennsylvania. Right there, that tells you the cards were stacked against me. Amy’s guidance and experience helped me navigate through two years of tough times. We finally achieved our goal of opening the Vincera Surgery Center in November 13’and are currently preparing for our AAAHC inspection. I have no doubt that the groundwork Amy has laid out for us will get us a full accreditation. Amy is a terrific teacher, mentor and friend. I have gained a wealth of knowledge I will be able to utilize for years to come. You cannot go wrong having Amy on your side!"

– Dominic Vendetta RN, BSN, Administrator; Vincera Surgery Center
“I practiced pain management for 10 years before attempting to start an independent practice. Amy walked my staff and I through a very challenging time without a hitch. We not only opened on time, but achieved AAAHC accreditation within 12 months. The survey process has forced us to look at things from a quality of patient care perspective. It not only provides our patients with the very best service and care, but protects the practitioners as well. Without Amy and her expertise, this would not have been an avenue we would have explored. When she is working with you, you have her full attention and complete loyalty. She did not recommend anything that she did not believe we could do, or that was not in our best interest. She is all about the individual and his or her specific needs. We would not consider further growth and expansion without her expertise. ”

– Tripp Gordon, MD
“We recently had our AAAHC survey. The surveyor was very experienced. He has been doing 4 to 5 surveys per year for the past 15 years. He was very impressed with the manuals of policies and procedures that you had provided us. He found them extremely well-written, and very comprehensive. There were no deficiencies. As you know, prior to finding you and learning about all your services and resources, I had spent countless number of hours on these policies and procedure manuals, and was nowhere near being finished. With your help, in a matter of days, I was able to complete all of the necessary paperwork for the inspection. I thank you again for your invaluable assistance in this matter.”

– Babak Arvanaghi, M.D., President; Spinal Injection Institute, LLC
“I decided in 2002 to move from a hospital based interventional pain practice to an office based or surgery center that I would own. Once I made that decision I needed to figure out how to accomplish it. I know pain medicine, not local, state, and federal requirements, nor am I a financial analyst. I also did not know if it was financially feasible to do what I wanted to do. I had heard Amy at a conference and contacted her for advice. I supplied her with my practice demographics, and she and Bill Lindeman put together a financial plan with projections showing that my plan was feasible (which was needed for the local bank and SBA). Amy does not offer a turnkey operation. She told me what I needed to do, and how to do it, but did not do it for me. That worked great; I was looking for guidance, not a business partner. There are a number of hurdles to opening a surgery center: Life Safety Inspection, State inspection, Medicare certification, and some review body accreditation (AAAHC, or JCAHO). Following her guidance we successfully cleared all of these hurdles. She also is a wealth of information on who to contact for medical equipment and supplies, and how to properly bill. Finally, I have asked for advice on multiple topics since meeting her, and she has been free with her advice and direction. I have the satisfaction and headaches of running my own practice the way I want with the people I have hired. It’s the best the decision I’ve made. And working with Amy is a large part of the success I’ve had. If anyone would want to contact me about Amy, or starting an ASC, please feel free.”

– Terrence M. Calder, M.D.; York Adams Pain Specialists
"Amy, once again your special talents have benefited our team here at Pain Consultants of East Tennessee. Thanks you once again for all you do and the professional way you do it."

- Joe H. Browder, MD, MBA, Pain Consultants of East Tennessee