New Client Testimonial From PCET Surgery Center

Here are some kind words about Amy Mowles and Mowles Medical Practice Management from Alana Booth, Administrator, Joe Browder, MD, and James Choo, MD, of PCET Surgery Center, LLC in Knoxville, Tenn.:

“Amy Mowles came highly recommended by several individuals in the ASC community. She was regarded as the best consultant to ensure that our new surgery center navigated the maze of state and federal rules and regulations during construction, became licensed, certified and accredited, and negotiate the best possible contracts with third party payors. We had high expectations; Ms. Mowles exceeded them in every way.

“After extensive discussions that allowed Amy to understand our specific needs, she evaluated our architectural plans and recommended a review by a national expert in Medicare compliance for facilities. Several significant deficiencies in the plans were identified and changed early in the construction process, saving us tens of thousands of dollars.

“Amy then assisted our ASC director in establishing policies and procedures that complied with state, Medicare, and national accreditation guidelines. She also suggested several electronic medical record systems that met our needs. Even though our ASC director is a AAAHC surveyor, Amy’s guidance was invaluable in assuring all of our documentation was in order. She also had an extensive set of model policies and procedures that we customized for our center. Our state and Medicare evaluations stated that our center was “an example of what a center should be” and our three year AAAHC inspection was obtained with no deficiencies. Finally, Amy Mowles is a tireless and aggressive negotiator for appropriate third party payment for the services rendered in our ASC. Several times I was ready to sign the contract, but she was able to negotiate an even better agreement. Her knowledge of coding and the workings of insurance companies is quite comprehensive, and she is not shy about asking for more.

“Amy’s expertise in ASC development, construction, credentialing and contract negotiation has been invaluable in the timely opening and operation of our center. Her services are not cheap; however, I believe we have at least tripled our investment. We were able to avoid start-up and regulatory delays and have excellent payor contracts. In addition, she removed a remarkable amount of stress from the process. Her strength of personality-an understatement-enables her to insist that you, the client, do things right the first time. She had done much more than her contract requires and has my highest personal and professional recommendation.”

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