Pain Management Clinic Setup

Interested in developing a new pain management clinic? Call on Mowles Medical Practice Management and our many years of experience to help you turn your vision into reality.

Our services include the following:

Coordinate all tasks

 One on-site visit during the course of the project to provide training on all policies, procedures, and systems for efficiency and maximum productivity

Serve as point of contact for entire office-based setup

 Complete all applicable State and Federal applications


 Provide assistance with determining staffing requirements
 Provide detailed job descriptions

Equipment and supplies

 Assist client in list preparation
 Provide quote from vendor for all equipment

Insurance payors

 Update CAQH
 Contact all Client’s participating provider Insurance Companies
 Complete any change of name/address as required
 Review and negotiate any new contract proposals if applicable or required

Medical records and billing procedures

 Develop charge ticket specific to the practice
 Assist in determining fair market value fee schedule
 Assist in establishing medical records and billing policies and procedures

Patient marketing and education materials

 Sample introduction letter
 Sample brochure for patient information
 Assist staff in development of patient education templates

Policy and procedure manuals

 Develop policy and procedure manuals to establish overall efficiency
 Include State specific regulations regarding training, transfers, reporting and other requirements
 Provide manual of all relevant sample forms and letters
 Provide manual of sample job descriptions and sample forms
 Include registration and scheduling policies for best efficiency

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