Accreditation for Office-Based Surgical Practice

Interested in developing a new office-based surgical practice? Mowles Medical Practice Management will work with you to ensure your practice meets and maintains regulatory compliance.

MMPM’s office-based accreditation package includes complete development and implementation of the processes for state license and certification. We know all practices have different needs, so MMPM never takes a “cookie-cutter” approach to meeting regulatory compliance. We work side-by-side with you to develop and deliver a custom-tailored plan that fits the specific needs of your practice.

Our development package includes the creation of all policies and procedures to comply with AAAHC office-based surgery standards.

Our services include the following:

Coordinate all tasks

 One on-site visit during the course of the project, including analysis of compliance with AAAHC standards prior to scheduled survey
 Includes training on all policies, procedures, and systems for efficiency and maximum productivity

Serve as point of contact for entire office-based setup and accreditation process

 Complete all applicable State Applications
 Complete AAAHC application with supporting documentation for client


 Provide client with checklist for practitioner’s files
 Provide checklist for all additional personnel files
 Provide instructions for running primary and secondary verification source reports

Governing board and related committee structures

 Provide draft bylaws and medical staff rules and regulations
 Provide sample organizational chart and governance through committees and reporting structure
 Provide staff with training relative to ongoing compliance and survey preparation to include best practices for surveys

Policy and Procedure manuals

 Develop Policy and Procedure Manuals to establish overall efficiency and to comply with third-party office-based accreditation standards
 Include state-specific regulations regarding training, transfers, reporting and other requirements
 Provide manual of all relevant sample forms and letters
 Provide manual of sample job descriptions and sample forms


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